EFA Chairs

2017-2022 Arnoud W. A. BOOT University of Amsterdam
2011-2016 Pradeep K. YADAV University of Oklahoma

EFA Presidents

2020 Miguel FERREIRA Nova School of Business and Economics
2019 Marcin KACPERCZYK Imperial College London
2018 Ernst MAUG University of Mannheim
2017 Kjell G. NYBORG University of Zurich | Swiss Finance Institute
2016 Engelbert DOCKNER (†) WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
2015 François DEGEORGE University of Lugano | Swiss Finance Institute
2014 Raghavendra (Raghu) RAU Cambridge Judge Business School
2013 Carsten SØRENSEN Copenhagen Business School
2012 Ingrid M. WERNER Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University
2011 Jan P. KRAHNEN Goethe University Frankfurt – House of Finance
2010 Kristian R. MILTERSEN Copenhagen Business School
2009 Maria VASSALOU SAC Capital Advisors, LLC
2008 Arnoud BOOT University of Amsterdam
2007 Rajna GIBSON University of Geneva
2006 William GOETZMANN Yale School of Management
2005 Christian WOLFF University of Maastricht
2004 Pradeep K. YADAV University of Lancaster
2003 Richard STEHLE Humboldt University in Berlin
2002 Xavier FREIXAS University Pompeu Fabra
2001 Elroy DIMSON London Business School
2000 Tom BERGLUND Hanken School of Economics
1999 Lars Tyge NIELSEN Morgan Stanley
1998 Josef ZECHNER University of Vienna
1997 Dag MICHALSEN Norwegian School of Management
1996 Giovanni ZAMBRUNO University of Milano – Bicocca
1995 Piet SERCU KU Leuven (KUL)
1994 Bjarne ASTRUP JENSEN Copenhagen Business School
1993 João DA SILVA FERREIRA Universidade Nova de Lisboa
1992 Angelien KEMNA ING Group
1991 Constantine THANASSOULAS Sanwa International Co., Ltd.
1990 Bertil NÄSLUND Stockholm School of Economics
1989 Bulent GULTEKIN Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
1988 Angel BERGES LOBERA Analistas Financieros Internacionales
1987 Michael WALSH IFSC House
1986 Walter WASSERFALLEN (†)  
1984-1985 Richard STAPLETON Strathclyde University
1983-1984 Claude VIALLET INSEAD
1982-1983 Marshall SARNAT (†)  
1981-1982 Marius J. L. JONKHART Erasmus University Rotterdam
1980-1981 Peter SWOBODA (†)  
1979-1980 Jan MOSSIN (†)  
1978-1979 Giorgio SZEGÖ (†) University of Rome La Sapienza
1977-1978 Günter FRANKE Konstanz University
1976-1977 André FARBER Solvay Business School
1975-1976 Richard BREALEY London Business School
1974-1975 Bruno SOLNIK HEC Group

EFA News

  • » RF Call for Papers
    The submission window for the Review of Finance's Special Issue on China is now open. Guest edited by Zhiguo He and co-edited by Yongxiang Wang.  Deadline December 31, 2020.

  • » RF New editors
    The Review of Finance is delighted to announce the appointment of Daniel Paravisini and Chris Parsons as Editors, to start a three-year term commencing in January 2021.

  • » New Associate Editors
    The Review of Finance is delighted to announce the appointment of Brian Melzer, Jacopo Ponticelli, and Rick Townsend as Associate Editors, to start a three-year term commencing in January 2021. 

  • » New Vice-President
    Elena Carletti, Full Professor of Finance at Bocconi University, has been elected Vice-President of the European Finance Association with the prospect to become President in 2022. As Vice-President, she will also be Program Chair of the next EFA annual conference (EFA 2021), to be held at Bocconi  University in Milan in August 2021.

  • » New Vice-President
    Xavier Vives, professor of Economics and Finance, Abertis Chair of Regulation, Competition and Public Policy, and academic director of the Public-Private Research Center at IESE Business School has been elected Vice-President of the European Finance Association (EFA) with the prospect to become President in 2023. As Vice-President, he will also be Program Chair of the EFA annual conference (EFA 2022), to be held at IESE In Barcelona in August 2022.

  • » 47th EFA Annual Meeting
    EFA 2020 was a great success with more than 2,800 registered participants. Thanks to Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki for hosting our first virtual conference.

  • » 48th EFA Annual Meeting
    Milan, Italy
    August 25-28, 2021
    Bocconi University

  • » 49th EFA Annual Meeting
    Barcelona, Spain
    August 24-27, 2022
    IESE Business School, University of Navarra

  • » EFA  Doctoral Workshop
    The EFA Doctoral Workshop with David Yermack on digital currency and blockchain has been postponed to 2021.  Applications will reopen in February 2021.

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