EFA General Assembly

The 2020 General Assembly was held on-line on Friday 21 August at 19.30 CEST.  

At each EFA Annual Meeting, a General Assembly (GA) is held to officially communicate and ratify the financial accounts of the previous calendar year and any new isssues / decisions brought forward by the EFA Executive Committee. One month prior to the GA, current EFA members & conference participants receive an invitation (and agenda) to attend the EFA General Assembly – which is a brief business meeting chaired by the EFA President (often preceded or followed by the Best Paper Prizes and the Keynote Speaker for that year's EFA Annual Meeting).

The GA meeting serves as a forum for the EFA President to communicate any recent developments and especially Executive Committee decisions requiring the formal approval of the EFA membership – as well as for EFA members to air any questions they may have, voice their opinions on EFA and its activities, and actively participate in determining the future of their Association. Every EFA member present at the GA has one vote. Votes by proxy are possible (for current EFA members only) but must be submitted to the EFA Secretariat in writing prior to the GA. Formal approval of the annual accounts and those Executive Committee decisions requiring the support of the EFA membership (e.g., changes to the statutes, membership fees, etc.) are officially carried (or not) by a simple majority of votes at the GA. (Please consult the EFA Statutes for more details.)

Minutes of recent EFA General Assemblies:

EFA News

  • » RF Call for Papers
    The submission window for the Review of Finance's Special Issue on China is now open. Guest edited by Zhiguo He and co-edited by Yongxiang Wang.  Deadline December 31, 2020.
  • » RF New editors
    The Review of Finance is delighted to announce the appointment of Daniel Paravisini and Chris Parsons as Editors, to start a three-year term commencing in January 2021.
  • » New Vice-President
    Elena Carletti, Full Professor of Finance at Bocconi University, has been elected Vice-President of the European Finance Association with the prospect to become President in 2022. As Vice-President, she will also be Program Chair of the next EFA annual conference (EFA 2021), to be held at Bocconi  University in Milan in August 2021.
  • »New Vice-President
    Xavier Vives, professor of Economics and Finance, Abertis Chair of Regulation, Competition and Public Policy, and academic director of the Public-Private Research Center at IESE Business School has been elected Vice-President of the European Finance Association (EFA) with the prospect to become President in 2023. As Vice-President, he will also be Program Chair of the EFA annual conference (EFA 2022), to be held at IESE In Barcelona in August 2022.
  • » 47th EFA Annual Meeting
    EFA 2020 was a great success with more than 2,800 registered participants. Thanks to Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki for hosting our first virtual conference.
  • » 48th EFA Annual Meeting
    Milan, Italy
    August 25-28, 2021
    Bocconi University
  • » 49th EFA Annual Meeting
    Barcelona, Spain
    August 24-27, 2022
    IESE Business School, University of Navarra
  • » EFA  Doctoral Workshop
    The EFA Doctoral Workshop with David Yermack on digital currency and blockchain has been postponed to 2021.  Applications will reopen in February 2021.
  • » EFA  2020 Elections
    Elections for 3 new Directors will take place during October - November 2020.  All members will receive an invitation to vote for candidates by email. You can update your email address and contact preferences online here. 

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