EFA's mission is to foster a professional society for academics, practitioners, and doctoral students in the greater field of Finance, who are interested in research areas such as financial management and financial theory along with their applications. EFA serves its community of members based in Europe and elsewhere in the world as an evolving professional network for the exchange of ideas... » read more

EFA Membership

Be part of a global network of professionals involved in the research, practice, study and teaching of the greater field of Finance.

Members are invited to submit their papers and participate in the EFA Annual Meeting, as well as receive a personal subscription to the Review of Finance journal.

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Review of Finance

The Review of Finance (RF) published by Oxford University Press (OUP) is a peer-reviewed journal that seeks the best articles within the field, targeting a wide circulation and high visibility.

The journal's editorial policy is guided by two principal criteria: quality and innovation. RF is EFA’s own flagship journal.

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EFA Doctoral Tutorial

In conjunction with the EFA Annual Meeting, a one-day Doctoral Tutorial (DT) is held immediately prior to the start of the conference. The EFA-DT is an intensive and competitive session designed for PhD students in Finance nearing the end of their doctoral thesis. Only the top 8 submissions per year are accepted for presentation.

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EFA 2018 Warsaw – 45th EFA Annual Meeting

EFA 2018 Warsaw
The EFA Annual Meeting is held each August and offers a yearly networking forum for EFA members to share their ideas, research, and best practices. (The submission deadline for the conference is in February of the same year.)

EFA 2017 Mannheim – 44th EFA Annual Meeting

EFA 2017 Mannheim
The organisers of EFA 2017 Mannheim thank members & sponsors for their participation & support of a successful 44th EFA Annual Meeting – please visit the online photo gallery for a visual overview of this and previous EFA events.

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EFA Annual Meetings

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