EFA Annual Membership Fee

The EFA annual membership fee is €60 EUR per year – including an online subscription to EFA's own journal: Review of Finance (RF) – add €35 EUR for delivery of the (optional) printed version. All EFA memberships and RF subscriptions are valid for one calendar year only (January 1–December 31) regardless of when joining or renewing for that year. (For print subscriptions, EFA members are entitled to receive any missing back issues of the RF if joining or renewing mid-year.) For those interested in submitting papers to the EFA Annual Meeting (deadline in February of the same year), please be aware that one of the EFA membership benefits is a complimentary paper submission to that year's conference. All EFA memberships and benefits are considered personal and as such cannot be transferred to other individuals (e.g., co-authors). EFA does not currently offer multi-year, group or institutional memberships.
[NOTE: As of 2012, Oxford Journals / Oxford University Press (OUP) is handling EFA membership payments & annual renewals on behalf of the European Finance Association, in addition to publishing and managing member subscriptions to the Review of Finance (RF) – EFA's own associated journal. For relevant details and historical background, please refer to the OUP Letter to EFA Members circulated in 2012.]

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ATTENTION: If you are a current or recent EFA member, towards the end of each year you should receive an e-mail with a renewal notice from OUP regarding your EFA membership and RF subscription for the following year. We regret that it may not be possible for previous EFA members to renew online via OUP if their memberships have lapsed for several years. Once OUP holds your current e-mail address, you will automatically be delivered a secure link and reminder(s) to renew your EFA membership / RF journal subscription via the OUP website annually.
[NOTE: Please promptly notify OUP of any changes to your e-mail or postal addresses – there is also an online form available for this purpose. You are also reminded to regularly check & update your password-protected EFA / EIASM Profile (via the My Profile button at the top of this page) so that EFA has your current coordinates on file for occasional mass e-mailings & other announcements of relevance to EFA members.]


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