Doctoral Tutorials and Workshop

Call for Papers and Applications for 2021 open now.  EFA holds two annual Doctoral Events: a Doctoral Tutorial and a Doctoral Workshop in August each year the day preceeding the Annual Meeting.

EFA Doctoral Tutorial (EFA-DT)

The competitive one-day Doctoral Tutorial in Finance (EFA-DT) is for selected students nearing the end of their doctoral thesis and is held the same day as the official opening of the EFA Annual Meeting.  In 2021, the  EFA-DT will be held on Wednesday August 25 2021 in Milan, Italy.

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EFA Doctoral Workshop (EFA-DW)

The New Frontiers in Finance Doctoral Workshop in Finance (EFA-DW) educational series was established in 2017 for PhD students in their second or third year.  The focus topic of the Workshop changes each year (as do the chairs) – the aim being to explore lesser-known areas of Finance, and for leading scholars to provide a solid background for PhD students interested in pursuing research in these fields.   In 2021, the  EFA-DW will be held on Wednesday August 25 2021 in Milan, Italy.

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Chairs and Faculty

The current EFA-DT Co-Chairs are:

» Gyöngyi Lóránth (University of Vienna), lead co-chair
» Frans de Roon (Tilburg University)
» Esther Eiling (University of Amsterdam)
» Kristian Miltersen (Copenhagen Business School)

EFA gratefully acknowledges the invaluable contributions of those notable Faculty participants selected as subject-specialists for the EFA Doctoral Tutorial in Finance, who alongside the EFA-DT co-chairs generously volunteer their time and energy to share their professional expertise with up-and-coming PhD students by actively participating in this important EFA educational initiative – thereby helping to shape the future of the greater field of Finance.


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