Overview of EFA Annual Meetings

The EFA Annual Meeting is the annual conference for EFA members. Held in mid to late August each year, the conference is hosted by select universities, financial institutions, and business schools, usually located in Europe. Current research papers and practices in the broad areas of Finance and Management are presented and discussed over several days. The EFA Annual Meeting is preceded by two pre-conference EFA Doctoral Events for PhD students.

In 2021, the 48th EFA Annual Meeting was held between August 24-27.  The host institution was Bocconi University and the Conference Chair was Elena Carletti.  Call for papers to be considered for presentation at the 48th EFA Annual Meeting in August 2021 is closed.

The Call for Papers for the 49th EFA Annual Meeting will be published on November 25, 202I and submission will open on that date.  

The chronology below gives a historical perspective as well as a glimpse into the future of the EFA Annual Meeting locations, hosts and chairs over the years (including links to conference websites, if available).

49th EFA Annual Meeting – Barcelona, Spain – 24-27 August 2022
Website: https://efa2022.efa-meetings.org/ 
Host: IESE Business School, University of Navarra 
Conference Chair: Xavier Vives
Call for Papers: November 25, 2021
Submission deadline: February 1, 2022

48th EFA Annual Meeting – Milan, Italy – 25-28 August 2021 (virtual event)
Website: http://efa2021.efa-meetings.org | Program 
Host: Bocconi University | Venue: Online
Conference Chair: Elena Carletti 
Local Organizing Committee Chair: Stefano Caselli

47th EFA Annual Meeting – Helsinki, Finland – 20-21 August 2020 (virtual event)
Website: http://efa2020.efa-meetings.org |  Program 
Host: Aalto University School of Business
Venue: Online
Conference Chair: Matti Keloharju

46th EFA Annual Meeting – Carcavelos (Lisbon), Portugal – 21-24 August 2019
Website: http://efa2019.efa-meetings.org | photo gallery | Program 
Host: Nova School of Business & Economics (new campus)
Conference Chair: Miguel Ferreira

45th EFA Annual Meeting – Warsaw, Poland – 22-25 August 2018
Website: http://efa2018.efa-meetings.org | photo gallery | Program 
Host: Warsaw School of Economics (SGH)
Venue: Sofitel Warsaw Victoria Hotel
Conference Chair: Marcin Kacperczyk (Imperial College London)

44th EFA Annual Meeting – Mannheim, Germany – 23-26 August 2017
Website: http://efa2017.efa-meetings.org | photo gallery | Program 
Host: University of Mannheim
Conference Chairs: Ernst Maug & Wolfgang Bühler

43rd EFA Annual Meeting – Oslo, Norway – 17-20 August 2016
Website: http://efa2016.efa-meetings.org/ | photo gallery | Program 
Host: BI Norwegian Business School
Conference Chairs: Kjell G. Nyborg (UZH) & Richard Priestley (BI)

42nd EFA Annual Meeting – Vienna, Austria – 19-22 August 2015
Website: http://efa2015.efa-meetings.org/ | photo gallery | Program 
Host: WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
Conference Chair: Engelbert Dockner

41st EFA Annual Meeting – Lugano, Switzerland – 27-30 August 2014
Website: http://efa2014.efa-meetings.org/ | photo gallery | Program 
Host: University of Lugano – Swiss Finance Institute (USI)
Venue: Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano
Conference Chair: François Degeorge

40th EFA Annual Meeting – Cambridge, UK – 28-31 August 2013
Website: http://efa2013.efa-meetings.org/ | photo gallery | Program 
Host: University of Cambridge – Judge Business School (JBS)
Conference Chair: Raghavendra (Raghu) Rau

39th EFA Annual Meeting – Copenhagen, Denmark – 15-18 August 2012
Website: http://efa2012.efa-meetings.org/ | Program 
Host: Copenhagen Business School
Conference Chair: Carsten Sørensen

38th EFA Annual Meeting – Stockholm, Sweden – 17-20 August 2011
Website: http://efa2011.efa-meetings.org/
Hosts: Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) & The Institute for Financial Research (SIFR)
Venue: Clarion Sign Hotel, Stockholm
Conference Chair: Ingrid M. Werner

37th EFA Annual Meeting – Frankfurt, Germany – 25-28 August 2010
Website: http://efa2010.efa-meetings.org/
Host: Goethe-University Frankfurt – House of Finance
Conference Chair: Jan P. Krahnen

36th EFA Annual Meeting – Bergen, Norway – 19-22 August 2009 
Website: http://efa2009.efa-meetings.org/
Host: Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH)
Conference Chair: Kristian R. Miltersen

35th EFA Annual Meeting – Athens, Greece – 27-30 August 2008
Website: http://www.efa-online.org/efa2008/
Venue: Astir Palace, Vouliagmeni
Conference Chair: Maria Vassalou

34th EFA Annual Meeting – Ljubljana, Slovenia – 22-25 August 2007
Host: University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Economics
Conference Chairs: Arnoud Boot & Dušan Mramor

33rd EFA Annual Meeting – Zurich, Switzerland – 23-26 August 2006
Host: University of Zurich – Swiss Banking Institute
Conference Chair: Rajna Gibson

32nd EFA Annual Meeting – Moscow, Russia – 24-27 August 2005
Host: State University – Higher School of Economics
Conference Chairs: William Goetzmann & Franz Hubert

31st EFA Annual Meeting – Maastricht, Netherlands – 18-21 August 2004
Host: Maastricht University
Conference Chair: Christian Wolff

30th EFA Annual Meeting – Glasgow, Scotland – 20-23 August 2003
Host: University of Strathclyde
Conference Chair: Pradeep Yadav

29th EFA Annual Meeting – Berlin, Germany – 21-24 August 2002
Host: Humboldt University Berlin
Conference Chair: Richard Stehle

28th EFA Annual Meeting – Barcelona, Spain – 22-25 August 2001
Host: University Pompeu Fabra
Conference Chair: Xavier Freixas

27th EFA Annual Meeting – London, England – 23-26 August 2000
Host: London Business School
Conference Chair: Elroy Dimson

26th EFA Annual Meeting – Helsinki, Finland – 25-28 August 1999
Host: Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration
Conference Chair: Tom Berglund

25th EFA Annual Meeting – Fontainebleau, France – 19-22 August 1998
Conference Chair: Lars Tyge Nielsen

24th EFA Annual Meeting – Vienna, Austria – 27-30 August 1997
Host: University of Vienna
Conference Chair: Josef Zechner

23rd EFA Annual Meeting – Oslo, Norway – 28-31 August 1996
Host: Norwegian School of Management
Conference Chair: Dag Michalsen

22nd EFA Annual Meeting – Milan, Italy – 23-26 August 1995
Host: State University of Milan
Conference Chair: Giovanni Zambruno

21st EFA Annual Meeting – Brussels, Belgium – 25-27 August 1994
Host: Catholic University of Leuven (KUL)
Conference Chair: Piet Sercu

20th EFA Annual Meeting – Copenhagen, Denmark – 26-28 August 1993
Host: Institute of Finance – Copenhagen Business School
Conference Chair: Bjarne Astrup Jensen

19th EFA Annual Meeting – Lisbon, Portugal – 27-29 August 1992
Host: Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Conference Chair: João Da Silva Ferreira

18th EFA Annual Meeting – Rotterdam, Netherlands – 29-31 August 1991
Host: Erasmus University Rotterdam
Conference Chair: Angelien Kemna

17th EFA Annual Meeting – Athens, Greece – 30 August-1 September 1990
Host: Barclays Bank PLC
Conference Chair: Constantine Thanassoulas

16th EFA Annual Meeting – Stockholm, Sweden – 31 August-2 September 1989
Host: Stockholm School of Economics
Conference Chair: Bertil Näslund

15th EFA Annual Meeting – Istanbul, Turkey – 1-3 September 1988
Host: Central Bank Turkey
Conference Chair: Bulent Gultekin

14th EFA Annual Meeting – Madrid, Spain – 3-5 September 1987
Host: Autonomous University of Madrid
Conference Chair: Angel Berges

13th EFA Annual Meeting – Dublin, Ireland – 21-23 August 1986
Host: University College Dublin
Conference Chair: Michael Walsh

12th EFA Annual Meeting – Bern, Switzerland – 29-31 August 1985
Host: University of Bern
Conference Chair: Walter Wasserfallen

11th EFA Annual Meeting – Manchester, England – 30 August-1 September1984
Host: Manchester Business School
Conference Chair: Richard Stapleton

10th EFA Annual Meeting – Fontainebleau, France – 1-3 September 1983
Conference Chair: Claude Viallet

9th EFA Annual Meeting – Jerusalem, Israel – 6-8 September 1982
Host: Hebrew University Jerusalem
Conference Chair: Marshall Sarnat

8th EFA Annual Meeting – Rotterdam, Netherlands – 10-12 September 1981
Host: Erasmus University Rotterdam
Conference Chair: Marius Jonkhart

7th EFA Annual Meeting – Graz, Austria – 11-13 September 1980
Host: Graz University
Conference Chair: Peter Swoboda

6th EFA Annual Meeting – Bergen, Norway – 20-22 September 1979
Host: Norges Handelshøyskole Bergen
Conference Chair: Jan Mossin

5th EFA Annual Meeting – Bergamo, Italy – 13-16 September 1978
Host: University of Bergamo
Conference Chair: Giorgo Szegö

4th EFA Annual Meeting – Bad Homburg, Germany – 6-8 October 1977
Host: Konstanz University
Conference Chair: Günter Franke

3rd EFA Annual Meeting – Brussels, Belgium – 1976
Host: Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
Conference Chair: André Farber

2nd EFA Annual Meeting – London, England – 25-27 September 1975
Host: London Business School
Conference Chair: Richard Brealey

1st EFA Annual Meeting – Jouy-en-Josas, France – 31 October-2 November 1974
Host: CESA
Conference Chair: Bruno Solnik

[NOTE: The historical EFA websites are not maintained so may have inaccurate or outdated data as well as links that no longer function. Please forward any inquiries via e-mail to the EFA Secretariat: info@european-finance.org.]

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