EFA (European Finance Association) is an association open to all persons involved or interested in finance. The association seeks to provide a safe and productive environment that fosters the exchange of ideas, provides fair treatment, and is free of harassment and discrimination. To this end, EFA expects the participants in its activities (namely the Annual Meeting and the Review of Finance editorial process) to adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity and professional relations as described in this Code of Conduct.  Academic integrity includes avoiding research misconduct (such as falsification, fabrication, or plagiarism of research) and disclosing conflicts of interest (personal or financial) in research and in professional settings.  Professional relations refer to matters of equal opportunity and fair treatment. The Association does not tolerate discrimination (prejudicial treatment based on any attribute), harassment, abuse of power, or retaliation.

Violations of this code may be reported to any Officer or Member of the Executive Committee of the Association. In such cases, the Executive Committee reserves the right to take appropriate actions. Contact details are here.

This code is subject to revision. Please direct comments or concerns about it to an Officer or Director of the Association.

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