EFA General Assembly

The 2020 General Assembly was held on-line on Friday 21 August at 19.30 CEST.  

At each EFA Annual Meeting, a General Assembly (GA) is held to officially communicate and ratify the financial accounts of the previous calendar year and any new isssues / decisions brought forward by the EFA Executive Committee. One month prior to the GA, current EFA members and conference participants receive an invitation (and agenda) to attend the EFA GA – which is a brief business meeting chaired by the EFA President (often preceded or followed by the Best Paper Prizes and the Keynote Speaker for that year's EFA Annual Meeting).

The GA meeting serves as a forum for the EFA President to communicate any recent developments and especially Executive Committee decisions requiring the formal approval of the EFA membership – as well as for EFA members to air any questions they may have, voice their opinions on EFA and its activities, and actively participate in determining the future of their Association. Every EFA member present at the GA has one vote. Votes by proxy are possible (for current EFA members only) but must be submitted to the EFA Secretariat in writing prior to the GA. Formal approval of the annual accounts and those Executive Committee decisions requiring the support of the EFA membership (e.g., changes to the statutes, membership fees, etc.) are officially carried (or not) by a simple majority of votes at the GA. (Please consult the EFA Statutes for more details.)

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