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Members of the European Finance Association (EFA) are part of a global network of more than 2,500 professionals involved in the high-level research, study, teaching and practice of Finance.

Members may submit a paper to the conference EFA Annual Meeting and receive free online access  to the Review of Finance.  The General Assembly is held during the Annual Meeting.

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Review of Finance

The Review of Finance (RF) is a peer-reviewed journal that competes for the best articles in the field of finance and aims at a wide circulation and visibility in the profession. The journal’s editorial policy is guided by two criteria: quality and innovation.


Check-out The Review of Finance website for more information. http://revfin.org/ 



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Doctoral Events

EFA holds two EFA Doctoral Eventfor PhD students in Finance: a tutorial and a workshop.  Applications are invited between February 15 and March 15 and the events are hosted by the Annual Meeting.  The Tutorial is an intensive and competitive session and only the top eight submissions per year are accepted.  The Workshop is organised on a specific theme such as insurance markets or cryptocurrency.

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Members are invited to approve 2021 Accounts. 

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Please contact the Executive Secretary if you have not received the invitation to approve the 2021 Accounts and she can send you a link.

EFA 2022 49th Annual Meeting Barcelona








Thank you!

The EFA 2022 officially ends and we take this opportunity to thank all of you attending the conference. We hope you enjoyed the conference as much as we did. You were the ones who made this conference possible, creating a unique and inspiring networking atmosphere.  A special thank to all the parties who helped us to build this conference for the enthusiasm and motivation. We therefore want to thank track chairs, local committee members, reviewers, session chairs, authors, presenters, discussants, and all participants. A special thanks to our partners for the continuous and generous support.

Congratulations to the Awards Winners at EFA 2022

EFA 2022 Winners

EFA Best Conference Paper Prize

EFA Best Paper Prize in Responsible Finance

The Engelbert Dockner Memorial Prize

 EFA Doctoral Tutorial Prize

  • Best EFA Doctoral Tutorial Paper 2022
    The Adoption of Artificial Intelligence by Venture Capitalists
    by Maxime Bonelli (HEC Paris)

Review of Finance Awards

IQAM Prize

Pagano & Zechner Prize

  • Best non-Investments Paper published in the Review of Finance 2022
    Going Bankrupt in China
    by Bo Li and Jacopo Ponticelli

Distinguished Referee Awards 

  • Awarded by the RF Editors for outstanding refereeing service to the Review of Finance 2022
    • Claire Yurong Hong
    • Diane Pierret
    • Zacharias Sautner

IESE Business School was proud to organize the 49th Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association on August 24-27, 2022.

Xavier Vives
EFA 2022 Program Chair
IESE Business School


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