Privacy Statement

The information that is collected and stored when you create or update an online Profile in the EFA / EIASM contact database will not knowingly be communicated or distributed to unauthorised persons, organisations, or third parties, without explicit consent. The contact and other data contained in the Profile will be used exclusively by EFA / EIASM for the purposes indicated below.

EFA / EIASM aims to give individuals full control of their own personal information. It is therefore your responsibility to periodically check and keep your Profile as current and correct as possible. (Note that the e-mail address in your Profile is the key component for e-communication and also serves as an integral part of your Login.)

You may unsubscribe from (or resubscribe to) EFA / EIASM e-mailings at any time.

EFA / EIASM uses the contact data contained in Profiles for two main purposes:

EFA / EIASM cannot be held responsible for the intergrity or inappropriate use of the data stored in contact Profiles.

If you have questions about this Privacy Statement or any other content on this website, please contact us.

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