Benefits of My Profile

Why is it important to complete and regularly update your EFA / EIASM Profile?

Creating a personal professional profile and keeping it updated with your current e-mail, affiliation, postal address, and other contact details, enables you to:

NOTE: To avoid confusion and multiple e-mailings, please create and maintain only one EFA / EIASM Profile!

ATTENTION: In addition to the EFA / EIASM Profile, EFA members may be required to have the following profiles:

Regrettably, none of these systems is interconnected (as it is technically unfeasible). The e-mail stored in the EFA / EIASM Profile is the key to communicating with EFA members at large; those addresses are occasionally used to deliver mass e-mailings to inboxes (e.g., EFA newsletters and other general announcements of relevance to EFA members). In addition to being able to update your own contact details at any time, it is also possible to select the level of e-mails you wish to receive, and to unsubscribe / resubscribe to mass e-mailings via your EFA / EIASM Profile.

Create a New Profile

If you are sure there is no existing Profile for you in the EFA / EIASM database (i.e., you have tried via this and/or the EIASM website to Consult / Change My Profile), you are invited to Create a New Profile for yourself – as well as to regularly update it to ensure the accuracy and currency of your own personal data.

ATTENTION: If you are a former EFA member (or a member of another EIASM Association), you may already have an existing Profile in this database – please use the Forgot Password? link to double-check (or try using previous e-mails as your Login) before creating another Profile...

QUESTIONS? If you encounter problems or have further questions, please refer to the Contacts page of this website or send an e-mail message to info@european-finance.org .

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