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The Review of Finance is the Journal of the European Finance Association.  The aim of  the Review of Finance is to publish the very best research in financial economics, irrespective of research methodology, author identity, geography, or whether the findings support existing research or are seen as controversial. In particular, the editors are willing to take risks on papers that may not typically be published by good journals. At the same time, the journal aims to be a resource for the world community of finance researchers, open to exciting and novel contributions from authors around the globe.  The board is committed to a fast, electronically managed, editorial process.

The Managing Editor’s Report for 2021/2 is available here.

Some highlights include:

The Review of Finance is included in the Financial Times 50 Journals used in FT Research Rank since September 2016.

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» Alex Edmans (Managing Editor)

» Ian Dew-Baker

» Marcin Kacperczyk (Managing Editor Elect)

» Daniel Paravasini

» Christine Parlour

» Jun Pan

» Chris Parsons

» Geoffrey Tate

New RF Editors From 2023

The Review of Finance is delighted to announce the appointment of Xavier Giroud (Columbia) and Marcus Opp (Stockholm School of Economics) as Editors, to start a three-year term commencing in January 2023. Xavier and Marcus are leading experts in empirical and theoretical corporate finance. Xavier is currently an Associate Editor at the RF and was reappointed after a successful first term. Marcus is also an expert in sustainable finance, which builds on our Special Issue on Sustainable Finance that will be published as Issue 6 of 2022.

Xavier and Marcus will be replacing Alex Edmans and Christine Parlour, with Marcin Kacperczyk becoming the new Managing Editor in January 2023.

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